Convenient Location

Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building is located in Sannomiya, CBD of Kobe City.

Public offices such as Kobe City Hall and Hyogo Prefectural Office are near this site as well as Kobe international Center for Cooperation and Communication, Hyogo International Association, Hyogo International Plaza, International Conference Center Kobe, etc. Of course cultural and shopping area, museums, gallery, and sport facilities in neighborhood are also of fulfilling.

Many comfortable hotels around there give favorable impression on foreign businessmen.

Since Kobe has schools for foreigners, churches and facilities of various religions, many foreign people live in this international city.

In old days Kobe, a port town had instantaneously taken over the culture overseas. Therefore it has a Chinatown and many foreign cuisine restaurants. Exotic and sophisticated atmosphere with exchanging between the East and West is in here.

Surrounded by sea and mountains with rich nature despite of urban area, Kobe is exclusively attractive city.


Intelligent Office Building in Kobe

Convenient Location

Smooth access

High quality infrastructure and security system

Pleasant office environment

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